Vision and technology collide, making the impossible possible.

With state of the art and cutting edge methodologies –getting your projects done in a timely and efficient manner has never been easier.


H2Over Viewers specialize in economic impact consulting, with an emphasis on projects affecting property and business owners. We are extremely skilled in providing quality detailed reports with geo-referenced maps of the impacted areas.

Always working with the newest technologies available we offer the latest in 3-D watershed and topography modeling as well as geo-referenced maps that can be imported into your systems for your use long after your project is complete.

We offer solutions in a wide variety of arenas. Including, but not limited to:          

Drainage Systems - We provide detailed reporting on the economic impact to lands that benefit from the use of a public drainage system.

Land Acquisition - Our team can provide a fact-based opinion on the value of lands considered in easement acquisition as a result of the footprint of your project.  

Damages to Lands - If your project causes short term or long-term damages to the production or value of property or businesses we can offer a comprehensive report covering the costs associated with these damages.  

Lake Restoration - Our team offers consulting on the impacts to land and business values as a result of the removal of invasive aquatic plants and animals in a lake system.          

Land Reclamation - Our skilled professionals can offer consultation on the economic impact of returning land back to its original condition after it is altered from its original state.

H2Over Viewers LLC has assembled a team of professionals that have the skills and capabilities to get your project done. As an organization we have the experience and know-how to make the impossible, possible. We pride ourselves on getting the job done in a timely manner with the highest standards of quality and accuracy. We are fully confident in our assessment of the area in question. Each of our team members has experience working in the agricultural, government, drainage, and management fields and is prepared to handle anything that may be thrown our way. We each have special skills that set us apart from others in this field as well as skills that complement one another.

Our Team

Larry Murphy is a 30-year administrator with an Associate’s degree in soil and water.  He has worked in the water industry with detail driven results.  Larry is well known for getting the job done and with an ability of finding engaging ways to motivate both directors and the public alike.  Starting a Minnesota rural water system from its inception, Larry is no stranger to moving water from one place to another. Working for and with a board of directors and the public for over 30 years, he is accustom to delivering results to please the masses.

Bryan Murphy, a former drainage contractor, has experience in GIS LiDAR drainage mapping.  He has designed and installed thousands of miles of surface drainage ditches in western North Dakota, northwestern Minnesota, west central Iowa, and the coastal plains of Texas.  He has designed and installed over 7 million feet of sub surface drainage tile.  He also has experience working for and with watershed districts. Bryan has taught classes in LIDAR theory and implementation.  He has also put his skills in this area of expertise to use in real world applications such as surface and subsurface drainage design and construction.

Shantel Hecht has a strong background in accounting and finance in both the private and public sectors. She grew up around agriculture but more recently has worked as a legal secretary with a focus on land deeds and mineral rights.

Support Staff - a very well versed, behind the scenes staff capable of handling any task set before them. Their diligent work provides the foundation which keeps this well-oiled machine on point. Focusing on details and keeping deadlines in our rear-view mirror making this organization the success it is today.

We are ready to go to work for your organization. We’ll hit the ground running and look to hit the next homerun for your organization!

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