Combining state-of-the-art technology, industry experts, extensive ground truthing along with historical and current data, our team of trained economic evaluation consultants provides accurate watershed modeling and evaluations for redetermination of benefits, economic values and/or drainage patterns within the watershed of appointed systems.

Why H2Over Viewers

  1. Experience – 6 highly trained viewers with decades of combined experience redetermining over 2 million acres in over 25 Minnesota counties with zero appeals to date.
  2. Deliverables – We provide the highest level of GIS maps to the drainage authority for future use and complete transparency into our viewing process.
  3. Process – Proven process that allows us to provide future improvement determinations and the ability to input changes into drainage coefficients throughout the watershed to produce a high-level improvement determination quickly.
  4. Partnerships – H2Over Viewers has a strong partnership with an experienced and reputable engineering firm in the drainage community, providing crucial access to a team of drainage engineers at no additional cost to the drainage authority or project.
  5. Insurance – Professional insurance coverage provided at no additional cost:
    • 1 million in Professional Liability
    • 1 million per occurrence and 2 million aggregate in General Liability
    • 1 million for any employee driving any vehicle(s) doing work for H2Over Viewers
    • 1 million umbrella on top of the aforementioned
  6. Pricing and Contracts – Up front contracts, allowing clients to know the cost and deadlines before we start.
H2Over Viewers is the best turn-key provider in the industry. We strive to not only achieve the desired results through decades of experience and state-of-the-art technology but deliver transparency throughout the entire process. H2Over Viewers is dedicated to delivering peace of mind while minimizing the work necessary from the Drainage Authority and its staff.